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JokerZ [Recruitment: Open]

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1 JokerZ [Recruitment: Open] on Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:36 pm

JokerZ is a Gang owned by Sir.BEEF, This is an Respected Gang which is like Official Group, The Jokerz are a notorious street gang 35 years in the future of Gotham City that take their inspiration from the super-villain Joker, who had mysteriously disappears for decades following his final battle with the original Batman. They tend to dress in clownish costumes and make-up, as did their namesake, but have none of the style or humor of the original. However, they are occasionally clashed with the Dark Knight's successor.

Base: 1 Base

Group/Base Level: 6

Base Locations: LV

Skin: JokerZ skin, ID 81

People who will Reply: Sir.BEEF

Status: Open


We have some Rules to follow in order for you to be a Member in JokerZ. If you follow these rules, the chance of your application being accepted will greatly increase.  Please take a moment to read them:
1 - Make sure you have read all of SAEG's Rules by pressing F1 In-Game and do NOT break them
2 - Do NOT spam/annoy us to check your application, else you will be Denied and Blacklisted immediately
3 - NO SPAMMING APPLICATIONS. If you are Denied you can apply again in 3 Days. If you spam applications, you will be Blacklisted with no warning
4 - Do NOT act immature if you get Denied, that will result in being Blacklisted
5 - Do NOT annoy any of our Members In-Game or you will be Denied 
6- Please Make your Topic Name [JokerZ - Application] Name, if you dont do this you will get auto denied

We have some Requirements in order for you to join Jokers so please take a moment to read them carefully to make sure you are fit to join:
- You MUST have at least 4 Hours of Play time In-Game on SAEG
- You MUST have a fully trained M4/AK-47, UZI/Tec-9 and Combat Shotgun
- You MUST be an experienced Criminal
- You NEED to have knowledge on the tactics used in Turfing
-You MUST be an active player
- You MUST be able to listen to Rules given to you
- You MUST have decent English skills                                                                      










-Turfing Leader-












Personal Information:
Real Name:
Ingame name:
Account name:
Ingame playtime (screenshot needed,
Tell us something about yourself (30 words)+:
Skype name:
Why would you like to join JokerZ:
Previous SAEG Groups you were in:
Why should we accept you:
What does 'Loyalty' mean to you:
What does 'Maturity' mean to you :
Do you agree to follow our rules:
Abilities(Perfect - Good - Normal - Bad - Very Bad)
Shooting Skill:
Driving Skill:
Flying Skill:
English Skills:
Any Extra Information?

To see if you were accepted, Denied, Or pending please check JokerZ Logs.
To see if you are one of the Blacklisted Members Check JokerZ Blacklist.


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