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JokerZ [BlackList]

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1 JokerZ [BlackList] on Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:54 pm

Hello Guys,
This is the blacklist of JokerZ Gang

Types of Blacklists

Blacklist | = Blacklisted For 1 Week
Blacklist || = Blacklisted For 1 month
Blacklist ||| = Blacklisted For 1 year
Blacklist - = Blacklisted For ever
Blacklist X = Blacklisted for ever from JokerZ and its alliance.

Appeal Forum

IG Name:
Account Name:
Reason Of Blacklist:
Type of Blacklist:
Who Blacklisted you:


IG Name- Account Name- Date of Blacklist - Type of Blacklist- By who


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Ex-SWAT Founder
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