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[JokerZ - Application] Martin

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1 [JokerZ - Application] Martin on Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:41 pm


Personal Information:
Real Name: Seif
Ingame name: Martin
Account name: Martin
Age: 11
Nationality: Egyptian
Timezone: GMT+2
Ingame playtime (screenshot needed,
Interests: CrossFire
Tell us something about yourself (30 words)+: Hello,my name is seif i have 11 years old & sometimes play Mult Auto Therf or CrossFire & i have one brother.
Skype name: Neutron.Timmy
Why would you like to join JokerZ: Becuse they are family have a good time.
Previous SAEG Groups you were in:
Gangs: HooliganZ & Fnatic
Squads: Special Forces & Military
Clans: None
Why should we accept you: Becuse i'm mature & loyal & active and i thing this time will be a good member in JokerZ
What does 'Loyalty' mean to you: Loyality means is not to leave my team in way which i choose
What does 'Maturity' mean to you : Maturity means is not to play like a kid and not spam on my team or any one and respect the high rank player and always listen to his orders
Do you agree to follow our rules: Yes,i'm agree
Abilities(Perfect - Good - Normal - Bad - Very Bad)
Shooting Skill:Good
Driving Skill: Perfect
Flying Skill: Perfect
English Skills: Good
Any Extra Information? No

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